ORDIT Driving Instructor Training in Taunton

ORDIT QualifiedI am proud to have gained entry to the Government's Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT) for those wanting to become Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). This means I have undergone a rigorous examination of my knowledge and skills and have been deemed to have reached an extremely high standard of proficiency by a senior DVSA examiner. This is your assurance of receiving quality driving instructor training from someone able to operate professionally at a higher level and who is examined every two years to stay on the register.

If you are interested in training to become a driving instructor and want the best driving instructor training money can buy look no further. I am able to offer you a full LDC driving instructor training course with the opportunity to operate an LDC driving school franchise once qualified as described on www.learn2instruct.co.uk.

ADI Learning Pack

Alternatively, you can buy ad-hoc lessons to help you qualify ranging from £35 to £45 per hour depending on the length of the lesson and whether you need access to my car or pupils etc. Please ring me for details and an information pack.

I can also offer Standards Check training for existing ADIs who want to remain on the register or strive to obtain a grade A on their next DVSA Standards Check.

ORDIT was set up by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency with the support of the major driving schools and trade associations (i.e. DIA - Driving Instructors Association, MSA - Motor Schools Association, NJC - National Joint Council of ADI's, DISC - Driving Instructor Scottish Council). ORDIT was set up to protect the public from substandard training by setting a 'minimum' standard of competences for training providers.

It is not expensive to be on ORDIT and the inspection cost is less than £100 so even a one man band ADI training provider can easily afford to be on it. The only reason why an ADI training provider would not be on ORDIT is if they realise they can not reach the minimum standard required or satisfy the fair business practices set by the DVSA and the above associations to safeguard the public.